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10-12 November 2013

Visit Anna to Heemstede

Jaap's impression:

After a year and a half teaching in Korea, Anna, the daughter of Robert and Kathryn, made a big trip throughout Europe and Holland. She also visited family members in Arnhem and Almelo, and after her stay in Almelo it was arranged that on the Sunday that she should come to Heemstede. However, she was unaware that it would be a long trip. As a result, she arrived late and very tired. The next day Ineke and I took her to Broek in Waterland, the windmills in Zaandam and Volendam. We visited one of the wooden windmills that was in working order and saw how it worked. Anna was very impressed with all the old and historic buildings that she saw in Holland. She also enjoined very much the Dutch food. She told us about her plans to start a studying again in Auckland. She was very friendly and easy to get on with. We very much loved having her as our guest.


Anna's impression:

In late November 2013 I boarded a train bound for Heemstede. After some sort of mechanical fault and two unscheduled changes, I was happy to step off onto the platform to see Jaap’s kind, smiling face. Unruffled by my late arrival, he bundled me off home, where I was happy to let myself be given a cup of tea and sent off to bed to rest my travel-weary eyes.

My stay was well worth the convoluted journey. I was fed generously, shown all the best things about Jaap and Ineke’s corner of the world and felt spoiled by this lovely couple that I felt instantly close to. I saw windmills, ate traditional Dutch treats and Ineke cooked lovely Dutch meals for me.

We explored Haarlem and even the rain couldn’t dilute the beauty of the well-weathered stonewalls. We poked around in alleyways, wandered by the canal and finished off by warming up with a coffee in a rooftop café.

My trip to Holland was magic. I felt closeness to the stones that were under my feet and staying with family made me feel right at home.




Villa's in Broek in Waterland

Zaanse Schans bij de Windmills

In de houtzaagmolen.

Een beetje shoppen in Volendam

In de haven van Volendam


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