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29-31 July 2014

Visit Gabriel in France

Jaap's impression:

In May 2014 Gabriel wrote to us to say that he was going to be in Europe and would be in Switzerland attending a Jazz music festival (Montreux). He wrote that after he had been in Switzerland that he intended to make a trip throughout Europe, and said that he would like to visit us either in Holland or in France. We were in France at that time, so he said that he would like to come and visit us there. He arrived with the High-speed train from Italy. He said that he would be easy to recognize because he would carry “a little guitar”. Indeed: he was easy to recognise! We took him to see the historical city-center of Avignon. He told us about his career with the music business in Perth (Australia). The next day when I asked him what he would like to see he said that he would like to visit Gordes, as he had seen the film “A good year” (in the Provence) and wanted to see if it was the same in real life. We took him to the Abbey of Senanque, Gordes (where we had lunch), and Isle sur la Sorgue. We finished off that day with a good meal sitting in our garden in Provence under the sun. He took a lot of photos and liked all he saw very much. In the evening he played us a little piece of music on his guitar. A very talented man. The next day we took him to the High-speed train station in Avignon where we said our goodbyes.


Gabriel's impressions:

What can I say about my visit with Jaap & Ineke: the Provence was beautiful, with rolling hills and sunny days. The view from Mont Ventoux was vast and in the distance you could see Avignon where Jaap and Ineke live. Their home was a warm environment, reminding me of a villa, and their hospitality was very generous. 

We dined on tasty French cuisine; French wine and cheese is second to none. I enjoyed relaxing and taking in the scenery from the lookout that was their front yard after eating Ineke's delicious homemade jams on freshly baked croissants. 

We drove through many quaint villages and stopped at different cafes and restaurants along the way. My favourite town was Gordes, an old school ( “traditional” ) little village on the side of a big hill. The journey towards this medieval town wound through some mountainous terrain and crazy rock mountain formations, sharp and granite like. 

While I was staying in Provence, I enjoyed walking and exploring through the hills above Jaap & Inekes. The scent of lavender will forever spark my memories of my time in Provence.


Sur le pont d'Avignon

Voor het Palais des Papes (Palace of the Popes)

Avondeten in Avignon (Supper)

Gabriel took a lot of photos!!

Middagmaal in Gordes

Highlight of the Provence: Gordes "village perché".

Gabriel in concert for Jaap and Ineke

The last meal at home in France in the sun of the Provence!


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